The beloved author, Richard Bach, once said, “You teach best what you most need to learn.”

Learning to create an inner realm of calm and equanimity has been my lifelong journey. As a young adult, I responded to the turbulent changes in my life (namely war, loss, marital abuse), from a frustrated angry disposition. This energy fueld many achievements, but it did not create an internal state of contentment and joy.

As I started to seek a different vision for my life, important teachers came forward to support my journey. I began to look inward and examine the many wars and struggles that are continually waging inside of me.

I became aware that every challenge in my life is ultimately an opportunity to choose how to respond: would I choose to respond from a place of anger and fear, or would I choose love and compassion?

Thus began the journey of understanding my inner turbulence and the many opportunities to shift my mindset from a thinking that "life is against me" to one of deeply knowing that "life is FOR me."

My leadership coaching and consulting is informed by the goal of utilizing external events as a means of attaining a state of inner equanimity, from which our response to any situation will be wise and productive.

The Personal & the Professional

Someone wise once said, "Wherever you go, there you are."

Life continues to reveal that there is no separation between the personal and the professional. Every unresolved issue in our personal lives tends to appear in mysterious ways in our professional lives. And somehow, issues in our professional lives tend to sneak up in our personal lives.

I work with leaders in a variety of industries and professions who are ready to respond to the challenges in their lives from a place of equanimity and authenticity, instead of reactionary patterns.

Equanimity is a state of being that becomes stronger as we engage more deeply with the challenges of our lives, and allow the challenges to inform a deeper level of transformation.

Unresolved issues have a tendency to create unhealthy patterns in our work and personal lives until we find the courage and willingness to face them and to start the process toward resolution.

Viewed in this way, all challenges in life become opportunities for growth and upliftment. All work-related challenges become our teachers if we choose to view them that way.

Life from this perspective becomes an ally that's on our side to support us in strengthening our self-leadership.

My coaching and consulting work demand a deep commitment to personal responsibility, a willingness to walk through the dark corners and transfom reactionary habits to those that are regenerative, collaborative and life giving.