• Engaging Wisdom

    Leading with wellbeing, mental clarity and creativity through the messy complexity of change

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    Dr. Noushin Bayat on Wellbeing, Wisdom & Leadership

    Wellbeing is at the heart of effective leadership. And the ability to engage Wellbeing at any given moment - regardless of our emotional state - is foundational when it comes to leading ourselves, our teams and organizations with clarity, creativity and innovation through the maze of complexity and disruption that defines our personal and professional lives today.


    Yet, as leaders, we often forget how to lead with Wellbeing when we are caught up in cycles of stress, anxiety, overwhelm and confusion. So we overthink and push through, or take our agitated states of mind so seriously that we forget the innate wisdom that is at the core of who we are as human beings.


    I work with individuals and teams to shed light on the neuroscience that drives their reactive mind, and support them in building a strong foundation of self leadership and psychological agility -- from which they start to experience their innate core of Wellbeing that is unshakable, regardless of any external circumstance.


    From this state, capabilities such as mental clarity, emotional intelligence, executive presence, effective communication and openness to collaboration are innately and authentically developed and expressed.


    This engagement of Wellbeing actually expands our capacity and capability to face the overload of information and disruption, instead of contracting with fear or denial



    .- Doctorate, Organizational Leadership, Pepperdine University

    - Masters of Arts, Spiritual Psychology: Consciousness, Health and Healing, USM

    - Masters of Public Health, University of Callifornia, Los Angeles

    - Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, California State University, Dominguez Hills



    - Certified Soul Centered Professional Coach

    - Certified 200 Hour Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

    - Certified Prosci Change Practitioner

    - Certified Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment

  • Executive Coaching

    In my experience, leaders today are often facing impossibly complex never before seen situations that require not only innovative, collaborative and creative decision making, but also a personal sense of resiliency and psychological agility.


    Leaders today are at an impasse. The high levels of complexity in their places of work is bringing about experiences of stress, overwhelm and confusion like never before. Leaders can no longer rely on only their own expertise to lead the way.


    More and more, they need to develop facilitative and collaborative skills to engage their teams to develop innovative solutions to their complex challenges.


    As the days of "hero-leadership" blend into "post-heroic leadership," individual leaders benefit greatly from 1:1 coaching sessions to practice and strengthen these new skills.


    What gets in the way of effectively facilitating and collaborating with an increasingly diverse workforce is emotional reactivity, frustration and overwhelm.


    My coaching approach draws on the basics of neuroscience to support leaders in understanding the root cause of their emotional experiences and strengthen their psychological agility in order to meet their challenges with wisdom, insight and wellbeing.


    This foundational strength lies at the heart of effective team leadership and organizational leadership.


  • Human Capital Consulting

    Any time you bring more than two people together to change a light bulb, you'll have issues to deal with it ! I am fascinated by these complex challenges that are inherent to human systems - whether in large global organizations, or local entrepreneurial environments.


    The potential for transformation is quite high these days within our places of work. Our increasingly diverse places of work, operating within our increasingly complex global economics, often undergoing complex digital transformations, present us with unique structural, cultural and political challenges around the clock!


    Issues such as ineffective organizational structures, hostile cultures, mediocre employee engagement levels, and resistance to change are an issue across all industries and all organizations, whether local or global, whether private, public, large or small.


    I support leaders to draw upon the foundations of self-leadership to develop organizational structures, cultures and engagement models that enable the best in human engagement, innovation and leadership capabilities.


    Since 2005, I have partnered with boutique consulting firms, including Emerson Human Capital Consulting, David Couper Consulting, and Executive Leadership Consulting to bring effective solutions to key human capital challenges.


    My project list includes developing training and leadership development programs, leading culture change initiatives, scaling and operationalizing coaching deployment, and developing agile project and change management processes within agile product development and digital transformation environments.


    My client list includes: Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Kaiser Permanente, Allied Digestive Health, Optum, Axon, Gap Inc, Nestle USA, Nestle Globe IT, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, Deloitte & Touche, Tesco, Levi's, The Relational Center, First 5 LA, and Good Stuff Restaurants

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    As Spring approaches, there’s often the inspiration to declutter our physical, mental, and emotional spaces to make room for what's emerging. In this 3-part series we reflect on the power of cultivating the inner dimension of #PsychologicalSafety, and link that to our #SelfLeadership, #TeamLeadership and #OrganizationalLeadership #effectiveness. With the inevitable arrival of Spring, we bring a deeper understanding of why mental/emotional clutters occur naturally in the first place, and focus on key practices and tools to manage a continual inner renewal/pruning to strengthen our leadership muscles and impact our personal/professional communities in regenerative ways.

    REGISTER HERE: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwvcOGgqTkuGd2ekktdNT6bDYXX4kChvqTS
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    Individual Coaching Sessions

    Individual Coaching Sessions

    I work with you to design a transformative coaching roadmap that meets you where you are right now, and the future you envision in your personal and professional life. Sessions are typically 60-90 minutes in length, 2-4 times per month, with unlimited email and text support. Sessions can be designed to be either in person or virtual. For corporate coaching programs, we identify metrics and goals. I strongly suggest completing a personality or 360 assessment or both at the start of our coaching in order to set baseline metrics for our work together.
    Change Management Advising

    Change Management Advising

    I am a Prosci-certified change practitioner, and bring over 10 years of experience in the field of change management. Whether it is about changing culture or supporting people in adopting new technology, I work with you and your executive teams to build a customized roadmap for maximum adoption.

    People are ultimately at the heart of ANY successful change process. It is their willing and eager engagement, participation, and knowledge/experience-sharing that enables the consulting team to fully understand the current state of affairs, and support the enhancement and adoption of a future state. To ensure our change projects are sustainable for the long-term, I leverage a multidimensional change management approach which takes into account the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that diminish and enhance people’s capacity to fully engage in a change process.

    I incorporate foundational principles of human-centered design and neuroscience to ensure meaningful and productive engagements with all stakeholders, leading to maximum adoption of new processes.
    Speaking engagements: Corporate or Personal Events

    Speaking engagements: Corporate or Personal Events

    I provide a variety of customized topics for corporate speaking engagements focused on personal, professional, team and organizational transformation. Topics include:
    - Meeting Complexity: A neuroscience approach
    - Digital Transformation = People Transformation
    - Being Wellness during the Messy Complexity of Change
    - How to love when you hate
    - Neuroscience of leadership
    - Neuroscience of effective communication
    - Neuroscience of team work
    - Getting offended and other such workplace myths
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