Noushin Bayat - Leadership Coach & Consultant
As the beloved author, Richard Bach once said,

“You teach best what you most need to learn."

When we spot a problem that's out there in our family members, our employees or our politicians, it's critical to include ourselves as part of that very problem. Without this initiation, problems will always be seen as somehow existing beyond our grasp and beyond our reach for effective change.

Therefore, effective leadership begins with the art of hearing ourselves, and creating a safe internal space to truly hear and bear witness to the often conflicting inner voices and thought patterns.

My coaching and consulting work demand a deep commitment to personal responsibility, and a willingness to take on a mindful systems perspective and identify reactionary patterns within ourselves and the system. By developing this skill of meta cognition, we prepare the way for creating safe spaces for engaging and empowering individuals to communicate and create positive change.

My services to individuals include private customized coaching packages.

At the organizational level, I combine the individual coaching and development services within a larger organizational context to create a culture of coaching that empowers the whole system to engage effectively.