Noushin Bayat - Leadership Coach & Consultant
My path to professional leadership coaching and consulting began years ago, unknowingly, when I felt trapped in an arranged marriage at the age of 16. I knew I'd made a mistake, but I had no clue how to create another life for myself. I took the path of education and immersed myself in systems science. As my sense of self respect grew, it became easier to let go of situations and people that were harmful and to start making self honoring choices.

Gradually, my love of systems and personal potential led me to study population systems and eventually to study human systems and the interaction of our thoughts, actions, feelings and spiritual perspectives.

As my professional career took me from computer systems design, to population health, to leadership development and change management... I realized more and more that relational skills are truly at the heart of effective management and leadership in any setting.

There is tremendous potential in utilizing the often complex relational conflicts of the day, to drive not only organizational engagement, cohesion, and productivity; but also increased personal fulfillment and overall wellness.

Today, I experience tremendous joy holding heartfelt conversations with leaders who want an honest reflection of their actions, and are ready to continue to strengthen their growth mindset and mindful purposeful actions.