Noushin Bayat - Leadership Coach & Consultant
My path to professional leadership coaching and consulting began years ago, unknowingly, when I was overcome by feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm in the face of the 1979 Iranian Revolution that separated me from my loved ones. I was a child then, but I felt weak and unprepared for such a world, and felt a desperate need to grasp at anything or anyone who would help me from drowning in my experiences of meaninglessness, anxiety and depression.

I agreed to an arranged marriage at 16 in a futile attempt to survive. This abusive marriage, however, didn't provide what I needed, just more confirmation that the world was callous and meaningless. After my divorce at 21, ensued many years of chasing futile relationships in the hope of finding the kind of love that would make my life worth living, and pursuing jobs and degrees in the hope of finding a goal big enough to overpower the drowning feeling in my heart.

Over the years, I worked with therapists and coaches to help me heal the pain and trauma from that period of my life. These approaches only reinforced the trauma and kept me stuck in a pattern of feeling broken and needing fixing.

During my doctoral dissertation research where I was looking to identify best practices for supporting global leaders within a complex global economy, I came across the teachings of Sydney Banks and the Three Principles understanding of thought, consciousness and mind. This simple understanding helped me realize how my thoughts create all my present moment experiences, and allowed me to transform these painful experiences in a very short period of time.

Realizing that I’m only just experiencing my thoughts and that these thoughts are not the solid artifacts I had made them out to be… literally opened my eyes to the circus of unsettled thoughts I’d been worshipping for decades. Instead, I was invited to point myself toward a different direction, one of stillness. I stopped identifying myself as my thoughts, and started inhabiting a place of inner wellness and wholeness that, in the past, always seemed so out of reach.

Today, even if at times my thoughts seem real, I know that they are only temporary and fleeting, instead of something real that I need to understand, reframe or deal with. My relationships with friends, loved ones and colleagues transformed surprisingly quickly once I realized that people’s actions and words cannot in any way harm or impact my wellness and wholeness.

This understanding has had a direct and profound impact on my professional life as a consultant and coach, allowing me to adapt within agile corporate environments by bringing my full presence, instead of being fueled by a futile drive to over-compensate my own sense of powerlessness in reactionary patterns. I have spoken widely about the power of the 3P understanding to MBA students, to women leaders at annual conferences, and to my coaching clients at all levels of the organizational structure.

  • Advanced Coaching Apprentice, 3 Principles Understanding, Rohini Ross, June 2018 – June 2019
  • Doctor of Education, Organizational Leadership, Pepperdine University, May 2018
  • Certificate, Soul-centered Professional Coach, University of Santa Monica, June 2013
  • Master of Arts, Spiritual Psychology, with a focus on Consciousness, Health and Healing, University of Santa Monica, June 2006
  • Certificate, Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, June 2010
  • Masters in Public Health, focus on population & community health sciences, UCLA, June 1996
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Communication, California State University, DH 1989