Noushin Bayat - Leadership Coach & Consultant
"Noushin Bayat is a remarkable leader, change agent and inspirational coach.  Her unique blend of training and experience ensure excellent results.  She helps her clients revise ineffective beliefs, regain a clear focus on their most essential goals and restore themselves to tap into their creativity and ingenuity. Her understanding of organizational systems, capacity to develop tools for clarifying mission and purpose, and coaching on communication skills provide her clients with the tools they need for every important area of life."
Author of, Choosing A Good Road

"Noushin is the perfect combination of tremendous wisdom and compassion. She is a gift unto this world."
Tim Maurer

"I have had the privilege of working with some of the world's leading educators and facilitators in the arena of holistic healing and personal transformation. Noushin Bayat is one of the few I turn to when my own spirit calls for renewal, support, and powerful guidance. Her integrative Presence, intuitive wisdom, and extraordinary capacity to translate ancient wisdom grants me clear access and transformative applicability in my life. She continues to deeply contribute to my growing empowerment as a leader, creator, and certainly in my relationships, personal and professional. Purely and simply, Noushin is the best kept secret in the empowerment and wellness coaching domain... but, not for long. Word is bound to spread like wildfire! Her work is indispensable!"
Veronica Krestow, MA, CYT
Transformational Life Coach and Creator of DIAMOND

Noushin naturally creates a safe and sacred space to re-right your life. If you are looking for support, guidance and clarity she is the coach for you. She knows how to bring the best out of you and will empower you on your path."
Laurie M.

"I have been fortunate and privileged to have worked with Noushin for about two years now. She is an amazing coach who combines the art of empathic listening with the science of psychology and the wisdom of yoga and mindfulness.  She is  bright, well-educated, knowledgeable and above all skillful in offering alternative perspectives. She has a holistic approach to mental well-being, balance, and moving forward in life. She is a dependable, dedicated, compassionate, and perceptive guide, who has helped me re-framed my issues, find creative solutions, and take  courageous actions towards my highest aspirations. What makes her stand out to me is her deep understanding of women’s issues in work and personal life, and the emotional hurtles that are unique to women of our times."
Azadeh Tehranian, MA

"Noushin is the most heart-centered and empathetic woman that I know. She has an incredible ability to see the light and good in others and shares her healing energy magnanimously. A true empath, when she turns her spotlight onto you, you will feel empowered to move closer to your own authenticity."
Elena M.