Noushin Bayat - Leadership Coach & Consultant
Welcome to my home page !

Over the past decade, I have been working as a coach and consultant with private and corporate clients to strengthen inner resilience as a means of achieving personal and professional goals with clarity, ease and effectiveness.

My coaching work draws upon years of experience being coached within corporate environments, and also working closely with leading executive coaches to fine-tune and sharpen my skills. I work with clients to deepen their understanding of how their thoughts create their moment to moment experiences of reality. From this base of understanding, I support my clients to discern between the calm inner space of wisdom and wellness that generates innovative and creative decision-making, versus being lured by fluctuating thought patterns that create a mirage of reality with limited options.

This inside-out understanding has catalyzed incredible growth, contentment and success in my personal and profession life. And on a daily basis, I witness how this simple understanding supports others in getting unstuck from limiting experiences and thought patterns.

In my experience, I find that when my moods are low and my thoughts scattered and unsettled, my experience of reality becomes unsettled and negative as well. It becomes hard to focus, and I often experience anxiety and overwhelming stress. In the past, I thought that these feelings were a sign that something was wrong with me and that I needed to learn new skills such as stress management to combat my negative thoughts and moods. Or I would blame my low mood on people or circumstances, thinking that they would need to change or that I needed to gain distance from them. This led to endless searching for new approaches and methodologies that would help fix me or others, and make me better and stronger.

However, knowing that my present moment experiences are only a reflection of my thoughts, and nothing solid, has freed me up to stop the endless battle of fixing myself or trying to blame/fix others. Instead, I just notice these stirred up thoughts without needing to find an explanation for them or to attach them to any external circumstance. Once my thoughts settle, I gain access to the clarity and stillness of my wisdom that is always there, a space where new insights are generated to address whatever situation I am dealing with.

This experience of presencing is one of the most effective ways of achieving success and competitive advantage within today's disruptive global economy where volatility, unpredictability, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) demand innovative decision making.